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Agricultural farm since 1728, renovated into cottages*** in 2009


The Mée Richeux accomodates you for your vacation and stay

The farm, built in 1728, consists of a wide building acting as main house, as a longère and as a shed. It was part of a large farm own by a landowner of La Manche.
The agricultural vocation lasted 270 years.
The main house had in its rez of road a vocation of main life room with wide stone fireplace where man can stay inside. At the beginning, the first floor was intended for the rooms before being used as a store to protect wheat from the bad weather.

The main building was divided into three parts…

A cowshed to allow the milking by hand of cows and also allowing to shelter veals or heifers. The floor received the balls of hays intended for the food of animals and their litters and next to it the cowshed for pigs.
The barn allowed to garage agricultural machines as tractors, trays, to shelter the production of cider with their barrels, to store the milk stemming from the milking with white iron tins and tank with milk and also to store the hay.
The stable sheltered horses, mares and foals of the farm. Just closed to it we found a henhouse sheltering the various fowls of the farm, the hens, the cocks, the turkeys, the rabbits, the guinea fowls, etc….
The shed (unsettled since and left in another farm) has been used as a park for the big machines, harrows, mowers, botteleuses, plows, etc. A small repair shop was integrated into it.